About myself

Hi all,

I am from Chennai, India. I am a visual ethnographer and a social scientist by choice and not by any formal qualifications. I am interested in Indian Folklore and Culture Studies, religion studies, politics and ecology. I am here to express myself, which sometimes will be crude and real and some times in a lighter vein, nevetheless please write back your opinions on each of my topics.


2 Responses to “About myself”

  1. Hey,

    You share my name 🙂 I thought my name is very unique till I saw yours in the google search!

    Hari Saravanan. R

  2. I’m writing to you as a student of anthropology at Temple University asking for your time to fill out this survey. This past summer, I spent six weeks in Gujarat, India. Most of my time there was shared with a family of jewelers. I noticed I was getting different answers within this family when I asked why they were adorning themselves in a particular way. In short, I created this survey because I want to show that meaning isn’t as simple as we interpret it to be. The goal of my exhibit is to display the various meanings of adornment in order to ward off generalizations that are often made about cultures. The following is a link to my survey. Any information about your individual opinion of each photograph is appreciated. Also, if you could pass this on to anyone you think would like to contribute, I would be grateful.

    Thanks for your time,
    Sarah Golomb


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